P. H. Cordner

Why don’t YOU mow the lawn?

In Nonsense on June 13, 2009 at 01:55

The other night I was hanging out with friends Eli Glasch and his sister Kate, two super cool characters, and Shauvon, and the conversation drifted to what exactly was cool. I typed into google “How to be cool” and got a wikihow page. The stuff in there was OK, but it mentioned nothing about leather jackets with MG lapel pins, sunglasses, beers, cigarettes, not shaving for two days, listening to Miles Davis, or giving the thumbs up. So I got out some props, and had Shauvon photograph me with his SUUUPer sweet Canon EOS 50D, which I’m pretty sure stands for Canon Extra Orgasm Sweet 50″ Dick.

The resulting photos were pretty silly. I had a beer in my hand, (A Bell’s Oberon Ale, not really a cool beer, I should have had a bottle of Budweiser but I didn’t.), a Dunhill in my mouth, cheapo knockoff tortoise shell Wayfarers on, an oxblood leather jacket, and I gave the thumbs up. With such a goofy subject, I’m sure it took no leap of judgement to just snap me from the neck up, and the resulting photo looked pret-ty cool. Kate immediately said “Facebook photo” when we observed the results, and I was thinking the same thing. So I did that. (Also check out the username of my thing! facebook.com/jeschuster!)

Also on the subject of cool, I got a Malcolm X fridge magnet at Von’s the other day.


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