P. H. Cordner

Bust-A-… what?

In Nonsense on June 17, 2009 at 00:30

So Shauvon has this super-pack of Mame roms. He’s got every game ever in the arcades 1979 – 2000. One of these gems is the classic Paperboy. Another one is called Bubble 2000. At the outset, everything looks like any old Bust-A-Move clone. Then something starts happening to the background. It starts getting definition, and I think it looks like… oh my… a woman clearly in a state of deshabille! Once you beat the level, you’re treated to a sparkly, 256-color version of this sexy lady. The first level is a woman with whip cream on her nips. They get raunchier after that, while not exactly Hustler spreads, there’s some anatomical lessons to be had there. The best part of this game by far, though, is the characters manning the bust-a-move ball launcher. The one on the right is a caveman manning a treadmill to operate the primitive “aiming action” of the launcher. The guy on the left is this caveman wearing some leoapard spotted briefs, holding a big mallet to provide launching thrust, all the while thrusting his pelvis with a giant grin on his face. Up until the end of the level you’ve no idea you’re gonna see some tits. But look at that caveman. He knows what’s in store.


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