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The blog post I made for my technical writing class

In Nonsense on July 2, 2009 at 01:25

When one reads a piece of fiction which involves conflict of some sort, what separates the mediocre from the good is staging and subtext. You wouldn’t start a short story by saying “Sally was mad at Jack for cheating on her, and she gave him the stink eye.” You’d rather read a story like: “Jack sat in his chair, smoking a cigarette, with a faint beam of sunlight coming in through the mostly curtained window of his disorganized bedroom. Sally meandered into his line of sight, and she kept her head cocked perpendicular to his, and muttered under her breath something that, to Jack, sounded a lot like ‘philanderer.'”

Well this kind of crap has no place in the business world! Nobody gives a damn about the staging and context! Get to the conflict already! I’m busy and profits are down!