P. H. Cordner

Ugh, more car bullshit

In Motoring, Nonsense on October 6, 2009 at 21:07

The retro craze has finally hit cars I have fuzzy memories of. Today at the Tokyo Motor Show Honda announced production plans for the CR-Z, a 2-seat hatchback with ever-so-many styling cues from the beloved, dearly departed CR-X. Then Toyota unveiled the new FT-86, which is a rear wheel drive sports hatchback-coupe a la the old AE-86, better known as Tak Fujiwara’s sweet drift machine from Initial D. Factory Fujiwara Tofu decals are yet to be announced.

I ordinarily hate retro revivals like the PT Cruiser, the Mustang, or the new Thunderbird because they’re a stylistic dead end. However, these cars are pretty cool because they have modern design that has been paying attention to the past 20 years. The FT-86, without the name, wouldn’t really evoke the look of the old Hachi-Roku, and they’d only share the casual association of being RWD hatchback sports cars from Toyota. These “retro revivals,” then, share little with the PT Cruiser or Chevrolet SSR, since the nostalgic part of them isn’t ancient styling cues, but the vehicle platforms themselves. Toyota hasn’t made a sports car since the old MR-2 Spyder, and Honda hasn’t had an affordable economy 2-seater since the (Car of the Millennium Winner, P.H. Cordner Auto Society) Del Sol. Whatever they look like or whatever their names, they remind me of the great cars of old.


Honda CR-Z


Toyota FT-86



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