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Brotherly Love: Herbert Powell and the 1991 Powell Homer

In Motoring on November 5, 2009 at 02:56

With apologies to Ate Up With Motor

Powell Motors was once Detroit’s darling, the upstart with the perfect Alger-ian story: From a cast-off orphan to auto tycoon. The whole narrative, however, reached a nadir in 1991 with the unveiling of the Homer, the car built and designed from star-crossed destiny. This week, the story of Herbert Powell and his eponymous car company, Powell Motors.

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Landlord Car Comparo!

In Motoring on October 5, 2009 at 21:44

A certain unnamed Tippecanoe County Councilman At-Large is also one of the proprietors of the fine dwellings in which I currently reside. He’s got a bunch of sweet rides. His normal, tool-around, go-to, turn-key, jalop is a nice S-class W140 Merco-benz, painted in champagne and still looking good despite being over 15 years old. When he’s got some work to put in, he opts for a dark red, 2000-2005ish Ford Super Duty F-350 with the almighty Triton V-10. Torque baby! It’s got a full-size 8-foot bed, crew cab, and a vinyl rear window sticker of one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs emblazoned with “I’m GRUMPY” underneath it. The piece-de-resistance of the fleet, however, is a cherry red, late model C6 Corvette Convertible. There’s nothing quite like the gleam of a chrome-dome peeking out of a Corvette convertible, it’s about as American as a bald eagle chowing down on some apple pie in the upper deck of Yankee Stadium next to Ben Franklin.

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