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Hello Chopter!

In Nonsense on February 25, 2009 at 13:02

A bit of history: Over C. break, Shauvon bought a R/C Helochopter from Fry’s electronics. It’s a Syma Double Horse 9081. It’s pretty sweet. For like two weeks at the start of the semester we played with it all the time.  Then I crashed it into some shelves and one of its rotors broke. So I went to the internets to find replacements. Apparently this is a very popular, and fragile helochopter, because the replacement rotors were always out of stock. Well last Sunday, I found some in stock and ordered them. They just arrived (co Fankboner Industries). Now I have to charge up the helochopter and BAM! Helochopter takes to the skies!

Fankboner Industries

In Nonsense on February 24, 2009 at 21:23

Fankboner Industries is officially a taxable entity as of today! I’ve already been putting Fankboner Industries in the company field of my online orders for a while, but now there’s a totally legit EID behind it. This helps out with teh Carazy Monkies because we can finally get all those checks made out to “The Crazy Con-Artists” deposited and converted into beer/scotch money. Any legal review of this post should note the satirical and ironic tone of this post, which doesn’t indicate the actual uses of any funds destined for The Crazy Monkeys, a division of Fankboner Industries, LLC.