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haricots verts

In Nonsense on September 22, 2009 at 22:54

Those of you who interact with me no doubt have noticed the fact that I have quite a mane of long, luxurious hippie hair. I like this because it’s economical, mildly iconoclastic, and generally goes with the James May vibe I cultivate with regards to fashion. Long hair is a throwback, to the days before credit cards, the days of student radicals, the days of sweet, lightweight Datsun Z cars. John Lennon. Double-breasted wool overcoats.

However, I’m in a bind here. If I don’t get an actual haircut pretty soon, it’s going to get into weirdo length. Right now it’s just barely getting thebottom of my neck, but once the shoulders are passed, well, I better march my loyal army all the way to Rome, er, my ass. I don’t want this to happen, as that’s almost as bad as what would happen if I tried to grow a beard. I fear I might have to learn how to play speed metal, and learn how to fix double bass pedals and motors from Ford Aerostars that the band I roadie for travels around in. However, I haven’t let my hair get this long out of apathy towards haircuts.

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